Due to the increasing amount of climatic changes, some regions are encountering rooftop snowloads that may exceed the load bearing capacity and possibly compromise the structural integrity of the building.  With weather cycling from snow to rain to freezing, these frozen masses may add additional weight beyond the original design limits. Previous building codes may have specified lower design loads and they have not always considered regional snow accumulation. The only way to be ready is to have your building assessed and protocols prepared for when snow load removal would be required. A formal Snow Load Protocol could decrease your insurance premiums and allow facilities to optimize their removal budgets.

What we do:

  • Review of existing roof warranties
  • Review of Regional Climatic Data for each building site
  • Review of building code required design loads based on the year of construction
  • Review of snow drifting adjacent to changes in roof elevation, parapets, and mechanical roof top equipment
  • Review of structural snow load from available structural drawings OR structural review of site (when no drawings are available)
  • Preparation of standard snow depth review and removal protocol for each building

What we provide:

  • A standard operating procedure for the review and removal of snow from rooftops including:
  • Producing a roof plan drawing showing maximum permissible snow depths
  • Snow Removal Recommended Methodology (improper removal can damage the roofing membrane/rooftop equipment and void warranties)
  • List of Qualified Contractors
  • Guideline to provide proper supervision and accountability
  • Assistance in establishment of safety protocols based on local, provincial and federal requirements
  • Recommendation for visual aids to help monitor snow depth levels