At IRC Building Sciences Group we will accurately evaluate the needs of your building in terms of windows and fenestration. We’ll develop a practical and cost effective solution that extends your building life expectancy while improving performance.

Our national team of engineering professionals will work to ensure your building is as air and water tight as possible. We optimize the energy efficiency of your property by solving reflectivity and heat transfer problems while reducing your long term costs.

We strive to protect our clients by ensuring that the solutions you invest in meet all of your structural and business needs. That’s why you’ll find a level of personal attention on every project that’s unmatched by any of our competitors.

You can place your trust in our veteran team, state of the art technology, and our decades of experience in the industry.

We Offer:

  • Installation Monitoring
  • Water and air penetration resolution
  • Solutions for reflectivity and heat-gain problems
  • Improvement to energy efficiency and reduction in building costs

IRC has completed hundreds of Windows & Fenestration projects since 1983. If you’d like more information about our Windows & Fenestration services, you can ask an expert right now! We can answer your questions, discuss more of our portfolio projects and fill you in on what IRC can do for your properties. You can also call us now at 1-888-607-5245 to get immediate feedback from one of our client representatives.