By retaining IRC’s Quality Observation service, you can be confident the work that is delivered on your roofing project is the work you paid for. You will experience improved cost, maintenance scheduling, quality control, and vastly improved project outcomes.

IRC achieves these benefits by maintaining a free flow of information between the Contractor and Owner. Our service also includes contract administration during the course of the project.

We strive to protect our clients by confirming that the solutions you invest in meet all of your roofing and building portfolio needs. At IRC, you find a level of personal attention on every project that is unmatched by any of our competitors.

Trust in our veteran team, state of the art technology and our decades of experience in the industry.

We Offer:

  • Rooftop Quality Observation
  • Reports commenting on contractor work
  • Contract administration
  • Payment certification
  • Preparation of change orders
  • Review of shop drawings / material submissions
  • Extended warranty compliance

If you would like more information about our Quality Observation services, Request An Expert right now. We can answer your questions, discuss more of our portfolio projects and fill you in on what IRC can do for your properties.