IRC Building Sciences Group (IRC) is one of Canada's largest Engineering and Consulting firms specializing in the assessment, design, remediation, and quality observation of Roofing, Building Envelope, Structural, and Pavement systems. Our success has been built on the research, education, and talent of our highly trained staff who have built our reputation for delivering on our promise to serve our customers and exceed their expectations. Performance, Innovation, and Reliability are at the heart of everything we do.

Building for a Sustainable Future

IRC is one of Canada's foremost Consulting firms, providing sustainable building performance solutions for both new and existing buildings. We provide our clients with recommendations and guidance for improvement or remediation of buildings and property assets. We follow industry best practices for energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reduction, and use of technology to reduce costs to the owner and offset environmental challenges that pose a risk to these investments.

Through careful consideration of sustainability, efficiency, and value, our highly trained experts can extend the life and performance of a building/property while also reducing life-cycle costs for a greater return on investment.

Pushing the Limits. Where Technology Meets Innovation

Over 30 years ago, IRC Building Sciences Group was the first Roof Consultant in Canada to prepare roofing specifications with full colour drawings, photos, and details, to provide clarity and conciseness for contractors and clients. We were recognized for being ahead of the curve in the industry. Today, we continue to utilize the most up-to-date equipment and software, and employ staff with industry knowledge and an aptitude for technological change.

Our modern diagnostic methods include Infrared Thermography, Digital Moisture Detection, Borescope Videography, and more. Our qualified observers are equipped with tablets allowing them to communicate and submit images of their findings quickly from the field. IRC Group also utilizes a range of software applications making it easier for Building Owners and Property Managers to get real-time, fully transparent and detailed information about their assets.

Reliability Around the Clock

The IRC 24/7 Emergency Service Program is a Building Owner or Property Manager’s first and last line of defense. In the event of a roofing emergency, we will have a contractor on-site within hours of the first call for prompt resolution and peace of mind for the owner. With over 30 years of Roof Consulting expertise, IRC trained technicians can promptly identify the cause and source of leaks and start preparing remedial action for the owner.

Along with the cutting-edge diagnostic tools, IRC uses state-of-the-art software to report findings and share information with the client every step of the way. This high level of transparency allows our clients to monitor the progress of the work, track the dispatch and arrival of personnel to the site, and view photos and reports pertaining to the building.

No Matter what time, day or night, an IRC employee will answer the call